The data that creates the foundation for manufacturers to progress toward Industry 4.0 must be detailed enough to generate transformative insights and actions for today and for the future.

The Critical Manufacturing IoT Data Platform is a complete, highly scalable solution that combines IoT, equipment integration, data processing and analytics with contextual intelligence from MES to help manufacturers generate transformative insights to improve performance, efficiency and innovation.

Manufacturers that can make better data-driven decisions and respond faster can seize competitive advantage.


The Critical Manufacturing IoT Data Platform has all the main building blocks to transform connectivity, create predictive models, deliver powerful new insights and bridge the divide between IT and OT to connect all the data that matters.

MES plays an essential role with the IoT Data Platform to deliver dynamic manufacturing data management.

Collect and process all your manufacturing IoT data close to where it is generated and solve the issues of bandwidth and latency created in data transfer. Reduce security risks with encryption of data over the network compared to processing data in the cloud. Connect IoT makes IoT integration with any type of legacy or IoT device fast and easy, utilizing the largest library of interfaces in the industry. Unify all types of data in a MES common data model for consistent analysis.

Avoid isolated and disconnected silos of data. The platform ingests all your IoT data from the edge and also from other critical data sources such as MES, ERP, PLM and many others. It understands the data being sent by attaching a schema ID, which is versioned and stored in the metadata registry before sending it where it needs to go.

Turn your big data into fast data, utilizing Apache Kafka, a fully fledged event streaming platform with persistent storage and extremely high performance. Your data, both structured and unstructured is stored in the data lake where target systems can source it. Kafka acts as a central nervous system that streams your data from input applications in real-time, managing each dataset before sending them for processing. Kafka is open sourced and scales horizontally by just adding additional hardware, substantially reducing the cost of managing your manufacturing data.

Unlock all the benefits of all your data using both offline batch processing and online stream processing, utilizing Apache Spark, a unified analytics engine for large scale data processing across a wide range of workloads. Respond rapidly to events with lightning fast processing. Transform decision making and outcomes by enriching your data with detailed context from MES to enable more informed analysis, apply machine learning models to create predictive models to know what will happen next. Give your Data Engineers and Scientists the tools they need to generate prescriptive analytics to recommend future actions for better outcomes.

Your data outputs are made available through the serving layer, into the applications layer and can be exposed in a wide variety of ways including JSON, XML, CSV and SQL Server with an out of the box consumer or add any event consumer seamlessly. Plug into your data results with any third party output application for data science or data analytics, including analytics applications in the MES, automatically closing the loop on actionable insights.


The Critical Manufacturing IoT Data Platform is distinguished from generic platforms because of its MES, IoT, Equipment Integration and Data Processing and Analysis elements. The unique MES data enrichment process, contextualization and closed loop outputs with MES ensures that problems are being resolved holistically.

Analyze data in their context, enabling faster decisions and on-time problem solving

Reduce the cost of data storage and assure data security, since it can be fully deployed on premises

Enrich IoT data received from the shop floor equipment with MES contextual data for deeper insights

Store data immediately and analyze later by replaying events when needed with Apache Kafka™

Avoid high IT costs by utilizing free and universal technology for developers, Apache Kafka™ streaming data platform and Apache Apache Spark™ unified analytics engine

Receive real-time notifications about abnormal events that may be about to happen in production with Apache Spark™


The Critical Manufacturing IoT Data Platform combined with MES creates an end-to-end process for transforming manufacturing data, which provides a wide range of use-case scenarios that are available immediately, allowing manufacturers to gain quick wins for fast ROI and build upon results as more data becomes available. The possibilities are limitless.

Store equipment sensor data for later analysis

Use Power BI to analyze historical information, with exploratory analysis

Correlate two variables over a given period of time

Store equipment sensor data and equipment related MES transactions in a SQL database for further analysis

Visualize the parameters from different equipment, or from a given timestamp, in the same chart in real-time

Measure temperature sensor data in real-time and automatically trigger an alarm, send an e-mail notification and stop the equipment if a threshold value is exceeded

Test and predict new measurements based on the influence of values measured from different equipment sensors against given steps on product yield

Analyze real-time conditional monitoring sensor data to determine the probability of failure or remaining useful life of a given equipment (predictive maintenance)

(R2R) Monitor equipment parameters and adjust parameters on subsequent steps for the same material (feedforward) or on the same equipment for next materials (feedback)

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