Experiments Management

Experiments Management module makes Design of Experiments with multiple input variables easier, more efficient and better controlled. The module enables engineers to both design and execute an experiment, exactly as designed, in an integrated manner. Engineers can fully define, carry out and explore a variety of experiments with multiple variables to achieve optimum process performance. They can also collaborate to iterate and fine-tune in the environment they deal with every day.

Design of Experiments (DoE) is used by engineers across industries in a variety of different activities, ranging from developing new products to improving product designs to controlling and optimizing manufacturing processes. DoE is a systematic method to determine the influence of different factors, or variation effect, that determine the output of a process. This information is essential to design process inputs that reliably optimize the output.

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All processes in manufacturing are subject to variability; for example: different recipe parameters as well as different combinations and characteristics of materials, flows, equipment and tools, and even environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. This module allows engineers to both design experiments about the impact of these variations and execute the experiments to check if the desired outputs are reliable and optimized.

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Benefits of Experiments Management

Reduce time by conducting multi-parameter experiments rather than test one variable at a time

Conduct experiments transparently, side-by-side, in a mass production factory

Understand and gain in-depth knowledge of the process variables and their effect

Improve Quality and Reliability of process and products

Decrease product development and production costs

Speed Time-to market