Shop Floor Augmented Reality and Industry 4.0

CM Augmented Reality (AR) plays an important role in reaching Industry 4.0 goals by increasing the efficiency and reliability of your manufacturing operations. CM Augmented Reality enables employees to see exactly what needs to be done and how to complete the task, supporting even less experienced staff in flawless execution. The productivity gains available are unlimited, as anything inside MES or available through a connection to MES, can be viewed over a live camera shot of the real product, process, line or facility area.

Until now, AR applications have focused mainly on guiding maintenance activities. CM AR does that, but also goes much deeper into the shop floor.

View Unlimited Data in Augmented Reality

Get unlimited productivity and efficiency gains with Augmented Reality. Anything inside MES or available through a connection to MES can be viewed over a live camera shot of the real product, process, line or facility area.

Operator Information

Product Information

Equipment Information

View and be guided interactively through detailed product and process steps, work instructions, SOPs schematics, materials and tool selection to complete tasks efficiently, error-free and hands-free.

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Point your AR device at any product on the shop floor to instantly view complete traceability records such as: quantity, lot, batch or device history records, product specifications, order details, customer details, quality metrics etc.

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Point the AR device at any shop floor equipment to view important KPIs, including in-process lots, OEE performance, MTTR and MTBF, Yield, Cycle time, maintenance schedules, operation and repair instructions, and much more.

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Seize the benefits of AR on your shop floor

Simplify complex assembly operations by allowing workers constant access to detailed instructions and schematics to avoid errors and speed production.

Train new workers to learn intricate steps on-the-job faster, using digital representations.

Reduce paper across the shop floor by presenting clear digital information to production operators and supervisors.

Free production workers from being tethered to fixed workstations and paper-based systems.

Streamline materials, order and warehouse management by eliminating manual tasks in finding products, WIP and goods, allowing employees to work at a much faster pace.

Speed Maintenance operations by allowing staff to see exactly what equipment needed servicing or any potential issues. Technicians no longer need to access manuals and can also view operation times, date of last service, potential points of failure.

Improve Quality Assurance by ensuring that the right parts and assembly steps are followed, while identifying issues faster and guiding their resolution with greater accuracy.

Enhance flexibility by accelerating skill development, allowing less skilled workers to perform more difficult jobs or a greater variety of tasks, and speed cross-training across the shop floor.

Low barrier to entry

With CM AR, you can seize the benefits of AR with a low investment in technology, using readily available technology such as smartphones and tablets. With wearable AR headset technology, workers can gain the advantage of hands-free information, which can further improve efficiencies.

White Paper: Digital Twin and Augmented Reality: From Ideal to Real with MES

White Paper:

Digital Twin and Augmented Reality: From Ideal to Real with MES

by Critical Manufacturing

It’s time to make the ideal of digital transformation real. Everyone seems to agree that is the path to manufacturing business success. Yet, not everyone knows how to proceed toward this digital future right now.

Hint: Combine the new Industry 4.0 technologies such as digital twin and augmented reality (AR) with up-to date versions of proven software systems, particularly manufacturing execution systems (MES).

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Case Study:

Real Time Fab Monitoring At A High Volume Semiconductor Back-End

by Critical Manufacturing

Case Study

This Case study describes the Critical Manufacturing MES implementation process at one of the world's largest providers of semiconductor manufacturing assembly and test services facility, in one of the company’s sites in China.

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