Upgrade to Industry 4.0

with Critical Manufacturing MES V6

Leap forward now to the new world of operations using IoT, mobile, digital twin, analytics and more.

Discover how much easier it can be to:

integrate automation and IoT data into your operations information
create, standardize, and rapidly deploy plant and automation workflows
enable operators, maintenance technicians, and supervisors to work on mobile devices
create ideal user interfaces for each group of system users
know where in the plant to focus attention at any given moment
manage in the Industry 4.0 marketplace style for maximum nimbleness and profit

This new version of the Critical Manufacturing MES V6 makes it so much easier to move to Industry 4.0.

IT/OT integration: Critical Manufacturing MES has long had a fully-integrated automation connection layer, but it’s now greatly enhanced. Find out more about the new Connect IoT module.

Usability: Don’t worry about user pushback – your key users can configure the Critical Manufacturing MES screens to fit your business and each group of users. Then everyone can use them on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. See how the Critical Manufacturing MES Mobile-ready GUI works.

See how intuitive, connected, powerful and speedy your journey to Industry 4.0 can be. Learn about Critical Manufacturing MES.


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