IT/OT Integration with Connect IoT

The foundational technology for Industry 4.0 is the industrial internet of things (IIoT). The question is: how to ensure all that IoT data can be used effectively? IT/OT integration is critical.

The mission of Connect IoT is to dramatically reduce the time and effort to implement equipment or IoT integration. It reaches across all types of devices to create the Industry 4.0 decentralized autonomous shop floor marketplace. It’s a lightweight, low footprint solution to connect whatever you have - old equipment or new devices, any protocol.

Beyond that, Connect IoT has a single graphical view of all automation workflows. Engineers can create and update complex logic with no code required in an intuitive fashion. The system also allows visual debugging without external simulators. Once the power user develops a workflow, it’s reusable.

This is all built into the Critical Manufacturing MES. This is the only MES that includes an integrated automation layer robust enough for semiconductor, electronics, PCBs, medical devices and other demanding industries.

Whatever new or old hardware you’re using to get to Industry 4.0, Connect IoT brings this to a whole new level.

White paper

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