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Partnering for Industry 4.0

January 22, 2019

Written by:
Maryanne Steidinger
Head of Partner Management at Critical Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is commonly defined as the ‘next wave’ of manufacturing technology advances, which characterize the fourth industrial revolution. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things and cloud and cognitive computing. Industry 4.0’s attraction is not only in the ‘digitization’ of a business—making things more self-reliant and less prone to human error—but the real business value created by increased agility and production capabilities. Valustrat estimates over $3.7 trillion in production value will be delivered with Industry 4.0:

Figure 1 Global Industry 4.0 market (Source: Valustrat )

The massive changes to an organization, both physically and culturally, require a digital transformation of operations in order to gain the full benefit of Industry 4.0. According to a 2018 study by PWC, most companies are just beginning to engage with the concept of Industry 4.0, while some are in the throes of adoption. Only 10% are in the implementation phase, which PWC calls ‘Digital Champions.’

Figure 2 Distribution of digital maturity levels (Source: PWC )

PWC also forecasts a steep growth curve for Industry 4.0, with industry adoption more than doubling in the next 5 years.

Figure 3 Companies reporting high digrees of digitization and integration ( Source: PWC )

To achieve the high levels of digitization and integration illustrated in this rapid growth curve, companies must have a high state of readiness to take full advantage of the benefits that Industry 4.0 can bring their enterprise; ranging from improvements in operations, through supply chain, to the way they manage their asset base. Companies can choose to ‘go it alone’ in their digitization journey, but a more prudent approach would be to partner with a trusted advisor.

As with any new technology, most companies will turn to their existing solutions providers as a first step—for education, for different approaches, and for options in how to get started. Their solutions providers can assist in architecting, solution selection, and implementation. Their guidance can be key in searching through the myriad of platforms to find a set of solutions that fit not only the company’s existing operations, but the culture and readiness of the organization for adoption. A strategic partnership with your solutions provider ensures not only that your selection process is fit, but that you stay on track, with measurable goals and milestones to map and document your progress.

Your solutions providers (hardware, software, or a hybrid approach) may also partner with companies that are ‘best of breed,’ or have a foundational offering in a key technology. Whichever case it is, partnering is the means for not only filling the gaps, but collaborating for a more complete, ‘future-proof’ solution that’s right for you as a customer and as a representative of your larger organization.

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The New MES: Backbone of Industry 4.0. Moving from Concept to Implementation with Industry 4.0
by Iyno Advisors and Critical Manufacturing

This White Paper defines how the role of MES as orchestrator, dynamic engine, broker agent for the marketplace players, and documenter is essential to making Industry 4.0 a reality and gaining the benefits.

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What’s so different in Industry 4.0?

The New MES for Industry 4.0. Traditional MES vs New MES

Ready to Implement Industry 4.0? What type of functionality a New MES must have to cope with the challenges of Industry 4.0

The New MES Fosters Industry 4.0 Benefits

Industry 4.0, by definition, is an amalgam of solutions—there’s no single vendor that has a checkmark of being an Industry 4.0 supplier. The challenge is in selecting that set of vendors that have the most robust ecosystem to provide a solution that’s functionally complete, that has the right fit for you, and that can grow with your needs and with the advance of technology. We call Industry 4.0 a journey for a good reason—because it takes steps, because there may be some twists along the way, and because it’s iterative. Having a trusted partner to guide you, inform you, and manage expectations is critical.

We at Critical Manufacturing realize the huge benefits an ecosystem provides our customers, and have built a robust partner program as part of our implementation of Industry 4.0. Our channel partners and implementation partners have been chosen for their industry expertise, deep knowledge of Industry 4.0 and technologies (like MES), and for their outstanding successes in project execution. For us, like for you, a channel partner can be the difference in achieving investment returns that exceed expectations, or merely meet fundamental program goals.

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