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Interns @ Critical Manufacturing: Diogo Almeida

June 08, 2017

Diogo Almeida

Meet Diogo Almeida. Diogo is edging towards the finishing straight of his 6-month internship at Critical Manufacturing, that will complete his bachelor’s degree in Informatics Engineering at Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP).

Diogos's internship at Critical Manufacturing is dedicated to the theme “Data Science with SQL Server R Services” and consists in developing graphical plots and performing statistical analysis from the company’s product data using the capabilities of SQL Server integration with R Services.

In his free time Diogo likes to practice some sports. He works out in the gym, likes to play football and he also was a handball player some years ago. He loves to watch his football team, FC Porto, and his hobbies are related to staying up-to-date about technologies breakthroughs, watching movies and TV series, traveling, music, being with friends and meeting new places.

We’ve asked Diogo a few questions about his time with our company.

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How were you aware of Critical Manufacturing?

The first time I heard of Critical Manufacturing was through my colleagues from College who conducted the internship in this company and at Critical Software. They always gave me good references and told me that they always had full support during the internship. For that reason, from the beginning, this company was my first choice for my internship.

What made this an attractive internship?

The possibility to gain experience in the labor market through a large company and gain knowledge from colleagues with a lot of experience. In addition, I would focus only on my internship project and not having to work on other projects in parallel (as already happened with other colleagues from other companies).

What were the major challenges you faced during this internship?

The biggest challenge was getting used to the working routine and dynamics that is completely different from the one existing in academical environment. Other challenge was the contact with some recent technologies that I wasn’t completely familiar with.

Diogo Almeida and Ricardo Magalhaes

How was Critical Manufacturing involved in your project?

From the beginning, my supervisor at Critical Manufacturing, Ricardo Magalhães coordinated and helped me with all the challenges I faced, so that my internship could meet the expectations that the company set. Furthermore, Critical proved to be always receptive to ISEP and a meeting was also held at Critical Manufacturing facilities with my ISEP advisor and Critical supervisor, so that the project became more explicit for my ISEP advisor.

How's the work environment at Critical Manufacturing?

The environment is fantastic, the company consists of two big open spaces which makes super easy and accessible the interaction with colleagues. In addition are promoted activities such as football games every week and at the last Friday of each month a happy hour is held that allows all employees to relax from their work routine and get to know each other’s interests.

What do you think about the implementation of your work at Critical?

My internship was dedicated to developing procedures for graphical production and statistical analysis of the company’s product data using the capabilities of SQL Server integration with R Services, and I will be proud that in the future this project can be included in the company’s product because it is the recognition that my work was well achieved and can be used and enjoyed by the customers.

What are the main experience and knowledge that you will take from this internship?

The main experience from this internship was the possibility to meet the real working environment as well as gain experience in the labor market through a large company and gain knowledge from colleagues with a lot of experience.

What would you say to a friend of yours who is interested in coming here?

If you have the opportunity to do the internship in this company, don’t hesitate, because the company will provide you all the tools and give you all the support you need to be able to perform the internship successfully. In addition, you will be able to interact with people with a lot of experience that will help you enhance your qualities.

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