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Interns @ Critical Manufacturing: Daniel Mendonça

July 13, 2017

Daniel Arménio Mendonça is another intern that has accepted the challenge and dived into the Critical Manufacturing internship. Under a supervision of Pedro Salgueiro, he is completeing his project titled Data-intensive applications verification. Here's what Daniel tells about himself.

"Currently I’m in the last semester of my master degree in Informatics and Computing Engineering. During this time I participated in programming competitions such as Porto Summer of Code and Deloitte Digital’ Techathon. I’m one of the developers of Project Baseline Matosinhos website and their Android app and also one of the developers of this year Talk a Bit’ website.

My tech interests are spread in a broad range of software topics, but there are some that stand out such as mobile applications development, software design and webservices API’s. I’m a curious person and I like to try different technologies, as a way to improve myself and to be ready for the very fast changing tech world we live on.

Tech aside, I really love racing karts and watching motorsports and for a while I used to do some Sim Racing, which I miss and plan to get back when I finish my degree. I also like to play football, to watch movies in the cinema, watching some TV Shows, that I believe most of you also watch, like Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, Silicon Valley."

We’ve also asked Daniel a few questions about his time with our company.

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CMF: How were you aware of Critical Manufacturing?

Daniel: The first time was probably when Francisco went to a lecture of the Information Systems course to give an overview of what it is a MES and its’ importance, shortly after that CMF was at JobIT, an event organized by AlumniEI (FEUP) to give students the opportunity to know and connect with the companies involved.

CMF: What made this an attractive internship?

Daniel: The challenge, right from the beginning I knew that it was not going to be easy. I also had good impressions of CMF and the desire to experience the life in a real company with far more experienced engineers that are willing to share knowledge and give some guidance of how to develop software that will be integrated into a larger software.

CMF: What were the major challenges you faced during this internship?

Daniel: At college we are used to work on several small projects at the same time, which is very different from working on the same project for 5 months. Furthermore, not that we have much free time during the degree at FEUP (we really don’t), it’s very different from having a daily routine with far more responsibility.

CMF: How was Critical Manufacturing involved in your project?

Daniel: Mostly through Pedro Salgueiro, my supervisor and the person responsible for the dissertation proposal. He always knew the direction to take so my project can have influence and usage inside the company when ready. Throughout the internship I gave a few presentations about the project, to show the ongoing development and collect some feedback.

CMF: How's the work environment at Critical Manufacturing?

Daniel: Very friendly and fun. It can be a little bit intimidating to arrive in a company for the first time and be right in the middle of far more experienced engineers than you, but all were always nice (I got a lot of free candy too) and very helpful.

CMF: What do you think about the implementation of your work at Critical?

Daniel: I developed two extensions for visual studio, one that transforms conventional tests into data-driven, and other that is a decision support tool that gives possible data re-usage. It adds value for non-programmers in the sense that they can now add new tests without coding, and the it is a step into the determination of a stable testing master data.

CMF: What are the main experience and knowledge that you will take from this internship?

Daniel: I learned new technologies, technologies that were being updated almost in a daily basis and forced me to improved my capability to adapt. I improved my presentation skills with a lot of advices from my supervised and learning from the mistakes I did.

CMF: What would you say to a friend of yours who is interested in coming here?

Daniel: If it is a field that you are interested then you should apply, you’ll be well received and invited to the company’s’ activities, you’ll have the support and necessary knowledge. You’ll learn a lot not only about software development but how is to work in an established company and have the opportunity to show people here what you’ve been doing.

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