The Reality of the Early Journey to Industry 4.0

Many manufacturers are on their journey to Industry 4.0, but you cannot expect to go from concept to reality overnight. What can you expect? Join this webinar to learn from Alois Schacherl, Group Manager IT Manufacturing Services for AT&S, manufacturer of high end advanced printed circuit boards (PCBs) worldwide.

Alois will admit there are no shortcuts. He is finding that the first step to successfully achieving the vision of Industry 4.0 is to implement a new, modern MES. Alois has led the AT&S journey, first implementing MES in a plant in Chongqing China and since then in Hinterberg Austria.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why MES is the foundation of Industry 4.0 and how to select one that is Industry 4.0 ready
  • Considerations for building a digital factory in a high mix plant with 1000s of products
  • What benefits the New MES delivers in different plants
  • Ways AT&S is preparing for predictive maintenance
  • How to minimize the challenges of equipment integration, process understanding, and scenario mapping
  • How MES helps to overcome the Industry 4.0 skills shortage

This informative 40-minute presentation, interview and Q&A session will equip you to take the next steps on your Industry 4.0 journey.


Alois Schacherl profile photo
Alois Schacherl
Group Manager IT Manufacturing Services | AT&S

Alois holds an Energy Technology and Power Electronics Engineering Degree from HTL Kapfenberg. In January 2000 he joined AT&S, a world leading high-tech PCB company, as IT specialist and took over the Management responsibility for AT&S’s Group IT infrastructure in December 2009. Since April 2014, Alois has been the MES Manager responsible to build up AT&S’s first completely integrated production automation at their newest facility AT&S Chongqing Co. Ltd., China.

Presenter Julie Fraser profile photo
Julie Fraser
VP Research, Manufacturing Software | Tech-Clarity

Julie is passionate about manufacturing using technology for better outcomes. She has researched manufacturing software and systems for more than 25 years, holding senior industry analyst positions at Cambashi, Industry Directions, and AMR Research, as well as writing the CIM Strategies newsletter at Cutter Information. She is also outreach director for MESA International.

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