Planning for Future Unknowns in Semiconductor Manufacturing

With the current pace of innovation, future readiness is an ever more key aspect of industrial strategy. What are the criteria for a forward compatible manufacturing execution system (MES) in the age of Industry 4.0? Whether you are thinking about current needs, or considering future compatibility for emerging product technologies, flexibility and agility are key.

Watch this webinar to learn from long-time industry analyst Julie Fraser from Tech-Clarity and Scott Van Etten, Program Manager for the High Performance NAND Test Laboratory of the itt Chip Semiconductor Institute at Unisinos in Brazil. Julie will point out opportunities not to repeat the thought patterns and choices that limit operational excellence in the industry today. Scott has implemented and worked with MES in multiple semiconductor companies. Now he shares his experience regarding what to look for in a system to keep up with the many advances of today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Scott has impressive recent experience including implementing MES in just three months in a greenfield semiconductor packaging and test plant. Now in academia he is working on research projects focused on advanced tools for testing and analysis of SiP products containing NAND memory. Join this webinar and learn how Scott planned for current needs without sacrificing forward flexibility to deal with the unknowns of manufacturing and testing future memory technologies. He shares his wisdom on what’s required – and available – to semiconductor plants today to confidently move into the future.

  • Why semiconductor makers must push for accelerated operational excellence to keep up with their customers
  • Why Plant Managers must demand that MES be forward compatible, flexible, agile and easy to use
  • What it takes to get MES up and running in 90 days in a greenfield implementation
  • MES characteristics necessary to deliver, access, and integrate ever more complex data
  • The role of MES in managing IP in an increasingly complex semiconductor supply chain
  • Considerations for ensuring MES can support future semiconductor test needs including changing memory technology and the application of emerging techniques for analysis

This informative 40-minute session includes interaction, presentation, and Q&A. It will equip you to create the right set of questions to define and select an MES to support the unknown dramatic changes that are now and will continue to transform the semiconductor industry.


Presenter Julie Fraser profile photo
Julie Fraser
Vice President at Tech Clarity

Julie is passionate about manufacturing using technology for better outcomes. She has researched manufacturing software and systems for more than 25 years, holding senior industry analyst positions at Cambashi, Industry Directions, and AMR Research, as well as writing the CIM Strategies newsletter at Cutter Information. She is also outreach director for MESA International.

Scott Van Etten
Scott van Etten
Program Manager, High Performance NAND Test Laboratory at itt Chip Semiconductor Institute, Universidade do Vale do Rio do Sinos (Unisinos)

Scott is a semiconductor industry leader with a strong international background. In the last 16 years he has held various management positions for semiconductor companies including Plant Manager at HT Micron, Sr. Program Manager at Qimonda, and Sr. Knowledge Management Engineer at Infineon. While working for semiconductor companies in Brazil, Germany and the US, he has managed complex projects and diverse teams to implement key systems for operational and business success. He was formerly in the consumer packaged goods industry, and holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as well as an AS in Engineering Science from SUNY.

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