Selecting MES for Success

eBook by Julie Fraser, Tech-Clarity

How can you ensure your MES project will succeed? Buying MES requires some special organizing, expectation-setting and selection consideration.

This eBook written by Julie Fraser, VP at Tech-Clarity, outlines the many factors that play a role in the MES Buyer’s Guide. Read and refer to the guide to gain confidence in your approach to investing in this crucial foundation for Industry 4.0.

Realizing the complexity of MES buying success, Tech-Clarity has arranged this MES Buyer’s Guide in three sections:

  1. Why MES is valuable and a trending and growing software investment for manufacturers.
  2. How to go about buying MES – from education and balance, team structure to what should and should not be included in requirements to setting expectations.
  3. What criteria to consider not only in functionality, but also in architecture, vendor, implementation, and special situations.

Read the MES Buyer’s Guide to learn:

Why MES is an increasingly popular and important investment for manufacturers
How to create effective requirements statements for your RFI
Why “beginners’ mind” is so important, no matter your experience with MES
Five areas where seeking balance is likely to yield a good solution for high tech
Elements of modern IT architectures that future-proof MES
How to evaluate product function, software vendor, and implementation approach for your specific needs
How to structure an MES Center of Excellence (CoE)

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