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Pedro Oliveira


Pre-Sales Engineer at Critical Manufacturing

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Electronics manufacturing May 4, 2023
Unlocking the Potential of Digital Twin in Electronics Manufacturing

The digital twin can substantially boost the ability of electronics manufacturers to better monitor their process performance and train/deploy their employees faster.

Enabling automation in Electronics
Electronics manufacturing April 14, 2022
Integration through MES for a successful Automation and Process Orchestration

How the MES alleviates electronics manufacturers challenges through better integration and connected orchestration.

SMT Technician working on MES using Augmented Reality glasses
Discrete manufacturing April 29, 2021
Augmented & Virtual Reality: Use-cases already implemented in Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 leverages both the Internet of Things-based devices and cloud-based computing, using AR and/or VR for an enriched and immersive experience, enabling enterprises to react faster. Armed with high quality information, the resulting actions help to achieve Industry 4.0 benefits associated with speed, accuracy, clarity and in some cases, innovation.

Critical Manufacturing MES
Discrete manufacturing December 18, 2020
Guide for Successful Transition to Paperless Manufacturing

If you are running a paperless program in manufacturing or thinking about starting it, this article is a must read. And I have chosen to start it by giving you already the three main takeaways:
Prone to human error, inefficient and inflexible, predisposed to decision lag are hidden costs of paper-based systems; The choice of the right tool to go paperless shall consider its Integration Capabilities and Configurability, Usability, and Mobility; This is a journey. Start to process your data quickly with an easy-to-use interface and soon you will get deeper insights to rethink your manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing data
Discrete manufacturing September 7, 2020
Getting the most out of manufacturing data to raise Supply Chain profitability

Delivering perfect orders isn´t easy, but having the right technological tools will help your company to get the most value of manufacturing data and make you outperform, shaping the difference between failing and succeeding in Order Management, especially in highly vertically integrated industries.