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Hugo Leite


Product Manager for SMT and Electronics at Critical Manufacturing

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Electronics assembly November 24, 2022
Advanced MES Critical Capabilities for Electronics Manufacturing – Part 1

What an ideal MES for the electronics industry looks like and what are the critical capabilities the solution must have to help electronics manufacturers address the challenges they face.

Electronics assembly May 26, 2022
Bringing Industry 4.0 into the Electronics NPI Process

An MES platform, designed specifically to meet the industry’s NPI and production management needs, might be the key to improving time to market, with assured quality in high volume production.

SMT with Critical Manufacturing MES
Electronics assembly March 22, 2022
Dealing with Lower Volumes, Mass Customizations and New Complexities in Electronics Assembly

For 2022 and beyond, the priorities for the Electronics Assembly and SMT industries seem to be focused on digital transformation, increased supply chain visibility and improved organizational results in efficiency, cost and sustainability. How can manufacturers get ready?

industrial factory for assembly of microelectronics - interior and workers
Electronics assembly October 14, 2021
Speeding Time to Market for EMS companies: the role of MES in NPI.

When connected and deployed at the EMS provider’s side, the MES controls process route modelling among SMT, THT, Assembly and Test processes, BOM/CAD import and validation, defect management and work instruction creation, all of which are essential for a disciplined and well-orchestrated NPI project execution.

production and assembly of microelectronics in a hi-tech factory - man operates machine in production
Electronics assembly September 17, 2021
Material optimization in the SMT and Electronics Assembly Industries

With increased pressures on efficiency and reducing margins of error, management, logistics and storage of material becomes one of the most important aspects of shop floor management, if not the most important!