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Francisco Almada Lobo


CEO at Critical Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 Evangelist and Educator

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Discrete manufacturing January 19, 2024
Digital Twin: It’s a concept not an application

Digital Twin is a concept, not an application, and definitely not a shortcut to achieving smart manufacturing benefits. Unfortunately, it is necessary to understand that the path to I4.0 is a path of sophistication, but also of maturity.

stream processing
Discrete manufacturing June 4, 2020
A Guide to Data Analytics For Manufacturing – Stream Processing

As I started to explore in the first post of this series, many companies seem to be strategically lost among the various digitization initiatives and are experiencing severe difficulties in achieving results from the investments made.

Data Center
Discrete manufacturing May 7, 2020
A Guide to Data Analytics For Manufacturing – Ingestion, Data Lakes and Message Brokers

As the data sources grow in size and variety, things get more complicated, and the Data Warehouse implementation projects become extremely long and prohibitively expensive, since they imply a normalization of all business data. But there are alternatives.

Data Network Edge
Discrete manufacturing April 28, 2020
A Guide to Data Analytics For Manufacturing – Working at the Edge

While manufacturing increasingly relies on near real time data for decision making, it requires solutions that can rapidly generate and process huge amounts of data. Edge solutions are a critical element of the entire data platform.

Dark Data
Discrete manufacturing April 20, 2020
A Guide to Data Analytics For Manufacturing – Dark Data

Dark data has no immediate value and does not translate into useful information, even when orchestrated and organized. Yet you should store it. This post explains why and how

Engineers analyzing manufacturing data
Discrete manufacturing April 14, 2020
A Guide to Data Analytics For Manufacturing

Contrary to what happened in the previous industrial revolutions, manufacturing has lagged in implementing the base technologies underlying the transformation. Why has it been so conservative and slow to adopt big data?

Robot arms in an Industry 4.0 factory
Discrete manufacturing March 20, 2020
Industry 4.0: Can We Rescue It From Failure?

Finding success with smart factories can be a frustrating experience. It’s not for lack of trying, since most major companies have undertaken projects, but as a Cap Gemini report shows, it appears they are not getting the results they’d expected.

Home Office
Discrete manufacturing March 17, 2020
Now’s the time to get your MES selection going

The selection process for a MES system is by nature time consuming. If this downtime is properly used by the manufacturer, for all phases in which physical contact is not necessary once restrictions are lifted, it will be in ideal conditions for the final stages of the process.

op 3 downloaded white papers
Discrete manufacturing February 17, 2020
Surprise! In the era of Industry 4.0, the most read paper of 2019 was about … MES replacement

It is no secret technology keeps advancing. Today, it seems to do so at an accelerated pace with a level of innovation that is nothing short of spectacular! These advances have created new opportunities for manufacturers to explore new ways to increase productivity. At the same time, these technologies have opened up greater global competition, which is now placing new pressure to be more creative with how work gets done.