Semiconductor makers face a maelstrom of market pressure. To win in this market, you must be able to improve design, streamline processes and satisfy variable customer demands through real-time, information-powered decision-making.


Semiconductor Facility

Semiconductor Manufacture demands the agility to get variable products to market quickly and with high quality.

To succeed, organizations in this segment require strong fab modeling capabilities and a high level of visibility to manage in-line changes and reduce the variability that may impede the high level of quality demanded by IC customers.


Critical Manufacturing MES is designed to address the specific needs of Semiconductor industry. It provides visibility into the fabrication and back end probe, assembly and test processes, ensuring they can cope with required planned and in-line changes, all while meeting expectations for reliable product performance and quality.

Model a range of complex environments in both fabs and back-end

Eliminate the waste and inaccuracy of paper-based records

Implement integrated modules with advanced data capture

Attain reliable process control with high-level views or drill-down detail


Our manufacturing execution and intelligence platform provides the greatest agility and scalability, ensuring lower overall TCO while improving online visibility and operational intelligence.

The flexible system enables you to model a variety of manufacturing fab and back end environments from the most simple to very complex and highly automated operations, providing a complete set of easily configurable and smoothly integrated modules that fulfill the most challenging Agility, Visibility and Reliability requirements.

Agility: Improve yield, cycle time and equipment utilization for high-investment production lines, even as they need more frequent changeovers to handle new product mix

Visibility: Unmask highly-detailed production data in real-time, improving decision making and long-term process improvements

Reliability: Automate record-keeping and improve the consistency of process variables to improve quality and manage product life cycle

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White paper

MES Migration: An Absolute Need or a Utopia?

by Francisco Almada-Lobo, Jeff Peabody, Critical Manufacturing

Semiconductor manufacturers are amongst the earlier adopters of MES. Once vital to maintain the competitiveness of their operations, these applications are getting obsolete and the need to circumvent their limitations causes significant cost, and will sooner or later impact these companies’ business.

This article describes the limitations of legacy MES and the main aspects to consider in a migration project:

the selection of a new MES system,

the migration scenario,

the project team.

The article was featured at Future Fab International.


Case study

Real Time Fab Monitoring At A High Volume Semiconductor Back-End

by Francisco Almada Lobo, Critical Manufacturing

This Case study describes the Critical Manufacturing MES implementation process at one of the world's largest providers of semiconductor manufacturing assembly and test services facility.

The Critical Manufacturing MES was deployed at one of the company’s sites in China that consists of several buildings with multiple production floors per building and with several thousand processing equipment in total. With such high volume manufacturing, one of the major problems faced was the tracking, monitoring and optimizing the equipment utilization.

The paper focuses on the implementation of the solution that consisted of:

configuration of the Equipment Tracking module,

configuration of the Real Time Graphical Fab Monitor module,

equipment integration, to supply the MES with real time events from the equipment.