Critical Manufacturing MES

powering discrete high-tech industries

Implementing manufacturing execution and intelligence system provides manufacturers of high-tech discrete products with a single, integrated view of production data, improving decision making around critical business and production processes.

For facilities with older fab management or aging MES systems, capturing information to meet customer needs can be daunting. With Critical Manufacturing MES you don’t need to be trapped by an outdated system. It is now feasible to either replace these older systems or to add modules to fill in gaps in functionality to ensure your competitiveness.

Critical Manufacturing MES empowers the organization: it scales to mirror growing operational needs, provides visibility into the fabrication and production processes, and is easy to implement on an existing infrastructure.

Other industries

Critical Manufacturing MES was developed with a view of serving all high-technology, discrete industries. If your segment is not listed here, contact us and we will evaluate your case individually.

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Critical Manufacturing's experience in high-tech discrete industries is supported by a number of success stories from our customers.

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