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Implementing manufacturing execution and intelligence system provides manufacturers of high-tech discrete products with a single, integrated view of production data, improving decision making around critical business and production processes.

For facilities with older fab management or aging MES systems, capturing information to meet customer needs can be daunting. With Critical Manufacturing MES you don’t need to be trapped by an outdated system. It is now feasible to either replace these older systems or to add modules to fill in gaps in functionality to ensure your competitiveness.

Critical Manufacturing MES empowers the organization: it scales to mirror growing operational needs, provides visibility into the fabrication and production processes, and is easy to implement on an existing infrastructure.


Increased worldwide competition, rapidly-developing technologies, Moore's Law and a demand for increased speed to market make high-technology manufacturing challenging.

Critical Manufacturing has developed its modular, flexible and unified manufacturing execution system to fulfill these strict requirements of Agility, Visibility and Reliability.

The main business focus of Industry 4.0 is agility at lower cost. This is to address the significant quality and price pressures on manufacturers due to increasing customer demands for fast innovation, stringent regulations, and global competition. Manufacturers must be able to increase throughput even as demands are constantly changing - and do so for less, to offset significant investment in high-value production equipment.

Critical Manufacturing MES provides advanced data collection capabilities fully integrated with statistical process control and exceptions management functionality. It provides historical guidance and real time process information to efficiently track resources as they flow through the production process, monitoring of gold-standard parameters and KPIs for common production processes and broad capabilities for adjusting on-the-fly to meet unusual or more complex customer requirements Fully integrated advanced scheduling also allows ideal factory loading to accommodate normal and urgent orders.

Critical Manufacturing MES provides a unique set of advanced, functionality-rich modules, allowing manufacturers to continuously drive up the efficiency of existing operations while enabling users to effortlessly scale to meet new and future demands.

For more information on how CM’s modules fulfill your need for Agility, see »» Operational Efficiency , »» Factory Management and »» Scheduling.

To remain competitive, there can be no compromise in quality, slips in time-to-market or waste of resources in today’s complex manufacturing environments. The insights achieved through advanced data collection, analysis and reporting capabilities must be part of all plant operations for sophisticated decision-making. This visibility must be available at both a highly granular level and in aggregate, so that users can manipulate data, and identify patterns and trends from multiple systems and provide drill-down reports that enable users in a range of manufacturing roles to make the best choices they can to achieve success.

Critical Manufacturing MES provides manufacturers full visibility - from raw materials in the supply chain to quality analysis on finished products. The system gives manufacturers an easy-to-use graphical layout tool that monitors facilities and equipment status and enables them to hone in on out-of-parameter processes and take corrective action. Out-of-the-box or customer tailored dashboards simplify a user’s ability to see and share information among the team. And full integration with systems on both the plant floor and across the enterprise, ensures that customers can achieve critical control over operations and output.

Critical Manufacturing MES provides a modular, yet fully integrated approach to making visible all drivers in the manufacturing process that impact quality, efficiency and utilization. With Critical Manufacturing MES, an enterprise can design and deploy a system that tracks even complex supply chains, analyzes production costs, provides order and document management, calibrates procedures and tracks KPIs like yield cycle time, uptime and OEE.

For more information on how Critical Manufacturing MES’s modules fulfill your need for Visibility, see »» Visibility & Intelligence and »» Operational Efficiency.

To achieve the level of reliability complex manufacturing demands, companies must both ensure process consistency and master the data capture and record-keeping to help users avoid machine downtime. In this way, “Reliability” refers to a range of wished-for results: process consistency, product end-quality, exception management, equipment availability, OEE, supply chain control.

cmNavigo MES enables production users to define workflows and automates record keeping. In this way it helps to avoid the introduction of human error in processes or in record keeping, and increase the predictability of desired process choices or outcomes. Enterprise wide data capture enables a complete picture of the process and product, and recipe management provides insight into variability in raw materials that could impact overall quality.

Critical Manufacturing MES also has an on-demand time and usage based maintenance module integrated with material management, checklists and inventory. This combination of capabilities enables our customers to get the most out of expensive capital equipment.

Critical Manufacturing MES provides a modular, yet fully integrated approach to managing all the aspects of product, process and equipment life-cycle management and process control that impact the end product. The software’s capabilities encompass automation, execution, control, engineering and quality functions.

For more information on how Critical Manufacturing MES’s modules fulfill your need for Reliability, see »» Factory Management and »» Quality Management.

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Critical Manufacturing MES was developed with a view of serving all high-technology, discrete industries. If your segment is not listed here, contact us and we will evaluate your case individually.

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