Electronics & PCB

As competition in the electronics’ industry squeezes margin, electronics’ manufacturers must find ways to speed processes and improve yield.


Widely diverging consumer demand for unique products means that the ability to produce short runs and make inline changes is essential to remain competitive.

A high level of manufacturing visibility helps to manage process changes and provide productivity gains while controlling quality.


Critical Manufacturing MES for Electronics and PCB addresses the unique challenges of both OEM and contract manufacturers in the electronics industry. It enables manufacturers to retain full visibility and traceability of process flow and routing, product, component assembly, container, engineering, exceptions and recipe information. In addition, automated record keeping reduces the cost in time - and potential for human error - of manual approaches.

Reduce manual process steps and data capture with automated intelligence,

Achieve full traceability of raw materials and components,

Model a range of production lines to speed changeover

Speed new product introduction by improving quality and yield in a way that’s visible to engineering, production and R&D


Smart electronics products and equipment can help guide the production process, as Critical Manufacturing MES enables logically decentralized views of such an Industry 4.0 environment.

Our manufacturing execution and intelligence platform enables you to lower overall TCO while improving online decision-making and manufacturing flexibility, with a complete set of easily configurable and smoothly integrated modules fulfilling the most challenging Agility, Visibility and Reliability requirements.

Agility: Improve yield, product flexibility and equipment utilization with an integrated process and materials management system

Visibility: Model a range of production lines, improving real-time decision-making ability and flexibility in variable production environments

Reliability: Improve NPI confidence with automation, control and traceability exceeding the highest customer quality standards

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Case study

An integrated approach to traceability for a fresh start. AT&S MES project for new substrate facility.
by Julie Fraser, Iyno Advisors

Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik Aktiengesellschaft (AT&S), a leader in the high-end printed circuit board (PCB) market, was building a new plant in China to manufacture integrated circuit (IC) substrates, not PCBs. AT&S recognized that their new substrate production facility would need effective automated information flows to handle all of the data for their products.

This case study showcases Critical Manufacturing MES selection factors by AT&S and the main aspects considered in the project:

business challenges,

structured approach,

project team,

project plan,

selection process.

Case Study

Software Project enriches controls and culture. Modern MES for memory IC back-end
by Julie Fraser, Iyno Advisor

This case study showcases Critical Manufacturing MES selection by SMART Modular Technologies, global leader in specialty memory solutions. SMART Modular delivers solutions to a broad customer base, including OEMs that compete in the computing, networking, communications, storage, mobile and industrial markets.

SMART’s IC packaging facility in Atibaia has decided to shift from manual system to a modern comprehensive Manufacturing Execution System as it expands to the mobile device memory chips market.

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