As solar technology begins to achieve widespread adoption, manufacturers who can meet the special needs of customers in this industry are rewarded with explosive demand for solar modules and systems.


Solar Manufacturing Plant

Increased worldwide competition, rapidly-developing technologies, and a demand for increased speed to market make this industry challenging to serve. Add to that, customer investment in solar is a high-dollar proposition, with ROI that runs into years, and only the highest quality product will meet market expectations.

To succeed, solar manufacturers must gain firm control of production quality parameters while maintaining the flexibility to keep up with changes in the industry.


cmNavigo MES is a manufacturing intelligence platform fine-tuned to the needs of the solar industry, including mono- and polycrystalline and thin-film PV manufacturing processes. It enables users to respond to technological advancements that will improve product efficiency and drive down the cost per module.

Capture data from multiple sources to integrate R&D, quality, and other enterprise systems

Catalog issues with drill-down capabilities and standardized response scenarios

Integrate with meta based Business and Analytics layers

Achieve full traceabiliy of raw and finished materials


The solar-specific cmNavigo MES is easy to implement and provides process insights to help improve consistency, unleash supply chain visibility, and improve yield all while allowing you to lower overall TCO. It includes a complete set of easily configurable and smoothly integrated modules fulfilling the most challenging Agility, Visibility and Reliability requirements.

Agility: Improve yield, reduce cycle time and respond to changing technology requirements with a flexible, industry-specific MES

Visibility: Improve online visibility and access to operational intelligence to maintain control of costs, reduce downtime, and manage raw and finished materials

Reliability: Improve traceability and process control to achieve aggressive customer quality demands and improve product longevity

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Case study

The Right MES Solution for Solar Technology Transfer

by Critical Manufacturing

Although the in-house system met the needs if SoloPower initially, their rapid growth introduced important drivers for migrating to a commercial MES solution.

This case study showcases cmNavigo implementation at SoloPower - US based solar energy company developing and manufacturing copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) thin-film flexible photovoltaic solar panels.