Modular functionality

for integrated management of operations

We know that manufacturers in demanding, complex environments need to be able to shift direction - with confidence - on a moment’s notice. To do that, they need reliable access to detailed and timely operational information, information on which they can make split second, game-changing decisions to stay ahead in their markets. As INDUSTRY 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) come into greater play, this agility is even more central to success, and more complex to manage.

Critical Manufacturing is a next generation Manufacturing Execution System (MES). It enables the creation of sophisticated graphical user interfaces (GUI) using straightforward drag and drop technology. Doing away with the need for complicated coding, the system offers total flexibility as personalised views can be quickly generated for a process to suit an operator or maintenance personnel’s individual needs.

Built on Microsoft application development layers and HTML5 and Angular 2 user interface technologies, Critical Manufacturing MES is one of the most modern and comprehensive solutions for high-tech manufacturers in semiconductor, electronics, medical devices, solar, automotive and other high mix manufacturing industries.

The 30+ modular product capabilities are organized in the following six functionality areas:

Factory Management

Material & Containers Tracking
Routing & Dispatching
Resource & Durables Tracking

Master Data Management
Operation Data Store
Data Collection

Data Mining


Statistical Process Control
Electronic Failure Catalog
Exceptions Management
Document Management

Visibility & Intelligence

Alarm Management
Data Extractor
Data Warehouse
Advanced Layout & Printing



Operational Efficiency

Order Management
Labor Management
Warehouse Management
Maintenance Management

Integration & Automation

ERP Integration
Connect (Equipment Integration)
Recipe Management

White paper:

MES vs ERP: Define, integrate, implement MES with controls, ERP

by Critical Manufacturing

Ever since the MESA created the first ISA-95 model, the industry in general have acknowledged that the boundaries between the different manufacturing systems are not rigid.

This White Paper shows that achieving optimal productivity requires a mix of functions performed selectively by either the ERP or the MES software.

Originally written for Control Engineering Magazine


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