Es ist die Vision, das Talent und das Engagement unserer Mitarbeiter, die den Erfolg unseres Unternehmens ermöglichen.

Der sorgfältige und anspruchsvolle Rekrutierungsprozess von Critical Manufacturing sorgt dafür, dass sich unser Team aus klugen und ambitionierten Menschen zusammensetzt.

Bei Critical Manufacturing steht hinter jedem Produkt oder jeder Lösung ein Team von intelligenten, ehrgeizigen, hochmotivierten Machern. Wir laden Sie herzlich dazu ein, auf unserer Homepage sowie auf Facebook zu entdecken, was unser Unternehmen zu einem so angenehmen und großartigen Arbeitsplatz macht. Unsere Stellenangebote finden Sie hier.

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Critical Manufacturing’s board is constituted by three directors, two non-executive representing Critical SGPS and Critical Ventures Fund I.

Francisco Almada Lobo
Chief Executive Officer and co-founder

Francisco Almada Lobo holds an MBA and an Electrical Engineering Degree from University of Porto. He started his career in a CIM R&D institute, and joined Siemens Semiconductor in 1997. Throughout Siemens, Infineon and Qimonda, he gained experience in several manufacturing areas having, in 2004, led the first migration of an MES system in a running high-volume facility. Between 2005 and 2009, he managed the Porto Development Center for Infineon and Qimonda, with implementation of automation projects in the group plants worldwide.

He holds an MBA from Escola de Gestão do Porto, acted as Chief Operating Officer of Critical Manufacturing, where among other areas, was responsible for the Product business unit. Since 2010 he's the company's CEO.

Gonçalo Quadros
Chairman and Member of the board (non-executive)

Gonçalo Quadros graduated in 1987 in Electrical Engineering (Computer Science branch) and has worked in industry and R&D prior to obtaining his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Coimbra in 2002. In his academic life, has taught at University of Aveiro and University of Coimbra (mathematics, computer and data communication subjects), has been author of more than 40 papers and has been reviewer for several conferences and magazines.

He co-founded Critical Software in mid-1998 and won the best business plan award from the National Young Entrepreneurs Association (ANJE) also in 1998. He was responsible for launching and consolidating several company business units assuming responsibilities for project and technical management of some of the most important projects and also for business development.

From 2005 to 2011, Gonçalo Quadros was Critical Software’s Chief Executive Officer, moving to Chairman in 2012. During 2006 he was distinguished by the President of Portugal with the “Ordem de Mérito Grande-Oficial”. He received afterwards the II INSEAD Entrepreneurship Award (promoted by Portuguese INSEAD Alumni), and the Ernst&Young (Portuguese Branch) Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Pedro Murtinho
Member of the board (non-executive)

Pedro has been in the Critical Software since late-2001, where he was Senior Finance Officer. Before joining Critical Software, he was for one year the CFO on a real-estate holding with nine companies, which held investments across Portugal and Brazil. During this period he raised project finance operations and represented negotiations with large hotel chains such as Marriott.

On 2000 he was briefly involved as CFO of a holding working mainly on trading of graphic arts machinery, second largest vendor in Portugal, where he was in charge of settling representation deals with factories around Europe. At the beginning of his career (from 1995 to 1999) he worked on a regional Association, where he made his internship and became CFO on 1997.

Pedro holds a bachelors degree in Corporate Management from the Economics Faculty in Coimbra.

The Advisory Board is constituted by individuals with life-time based know-how in the industry and key corporate and entrepreneurial experience in the target business markets, and they promote Critical Manufacturing’s interests by delivering strategic advice to the executive management board.

Julie Fraser
Founder and President at Iyno Advisors

Julie Fraser is a world-wide recognized expert in MES Systems. With over 30 years of experience as a manufacturing systems industry advisor, she is Founder and President of Iyno Advisors Inc.

She was researcher and writer of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) articles in the emerging days of using computers to support industrial business processes before joining AMR Research as Analyst, MES and Systems Integration expert, where she educated the market on an emerging category of plant wide applications called Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) in writing, presentations and client advisory sessions.

Julie was VP Marketing for Baan Supply Chain Solutions, Principal and analyst at Industry Directions and led the US operations for Cambashi, providing independent research and analysis on the business reasons to use IT.

Julie Fraser has been a member of MESA for nearly 20 years having received a MESA International Outstanding Contributor Award. She is MESA's former Outreach Director and was the first Chairman of the MESA Metrics Working Group.

Jean-Luc Delcuvellerie
Director of Technology Watch & Innovation Areva

Jean-Luc Delcuvellerie brings more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in Manufacturing Operations Execution (MES, LES, WMS) for process, batch and discrete industries.

He is Director of the Technology Watch & Innovation team for AREVA, where he is in charge of the Digital Innovation and Transformation program of Engineering, Field Services and Manufacturing activities.

He started his career in System Integration & Consulting at Euriware (now part of CapGemini), where he was Consultant and Project Manager from 1986 to 1998, in charge of AI and Expert System, and CIM & MES projects.

Before joining AREVA, Jean-Luc worked for 10 years for two Manufacturing Software vendors: AspenTech from 1998 to 2003 as Batch Industries Pre-sales EMEA Director and Apriso (now part of Dassault Systèmes) from 2003-2009 as EMEA Pre-Sales Director, then MES Product Director.

Jan Snoeij
Principal Consultant at CGI

Jan Snoeij is a principal member of the consultancy team of CGI's MES Centre of Excellence. He has broad experience in many different industry sectors, varying from textiles and clothing to metals, steel and automotive and from high tech electronics to food and pharmaceuticals.

Jan holds an MS degree in Applied Physics from the Technical University of Eindhoven. Jan presented papers about a broad range of subjects related to manufacturing and business performance improvement at many industry events. He is the author of the annual MES Product Survey report, of which the 14th edition was published in September 2013.

Currently, Jan is Member at Large of the MESA International Board and the MESA EMEA Board. He served as the Chairman of the MESA EMEA Board from 2007-2011. Jan instructs the Global Education Program and in 2007 was awarded the MESA International Outstanding Contributor Award.

João Carreira
Co-Founder of Critical Software and Managing Partner at Critical Ventures

João Carreira is a technology entrepreneur and business leader who has co-founded Critical Software in Portugal and has grown it into a global group of technology companies.

Joao serves as Chairman at Critical Software, CEO of Critical Links, Managing Partner at Critical Ventures, and Board member of the Critical Group Holding, beyond serving as as Board and Advisory Board member of a number of other technology companies.

He co-founded Critical Software in 1998 and served as its CEO through 2005, growing the company into a successful international software engineering business.
From 2006 Joao has been actively engaged in the strategic expansion of the Critical Technology Group into other market segments.

Prior to founding Critical Software, João had joined Siemens and Accenture in 1992. Joao holds a PhD in Computer Science by the University of Coimbra. João also completed his MSTC/MBA in Technology Commercialization by the IC2 Institute at the University of Texas, Austin, USA and IST, Lisbon.

Critical Manufacturing General Assembly’s President is Prof. Rui Guimarães.

Prof. Rui Guimarães Critical Manufacturing
General Assembly’s President

Born in Portugal in 1949, Rui Campos Guimarães is Mechanical Engineer (1971, University of Porto, Portugal), M.A. in Operational Research (1976, University of Lancaster, United Kingdom), Ph.D. in Operational Research (1981, University of Lancaster, United Kingdom) and Professor "Agregado" (1998, University of Porto, Portugal).

He made his academic career at the University of Porto, where he holds the Chair in Industrial Engineering, at the School of Engineering, since 1999.

Over his academic life, he authored and edited numerous articles and books, published both in Portugal and abroad, on Industrial Management, Operational Research, Statistics, and University Affairs. He was President of the Portuguese Operational Research Society, member of the Editorial Boards of the journals published by the Portuguese and Spanish Operational Research Societies, and member of the International Advisory Board of JORS, the journal published by the British Operational Research Society. He was promoter and first President of INEGI, an interface institute set up by the University of Porto to interact with industry in the areas of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management. At INEGI he led numerous innovation projects carried out with both Portuguese and foreign companies. He was President of the Academic Council and Dean of ISEE- EGP, the Business School of the University of Porto.

Among several non-executive posts held outside the university during his academic career, he served in the Board of Directors of INA (the Portuguese Institute for Public Administration), Público (a Portuguese reference daily paper) and Porto 2001 (the company which managed the events of Porto European Capital of Culture).

Since September 2003 he is on leave from the University of Porto to act as General Director of COTEC Portugal, a not for profit organization aimed at promoting innovation, set up by 100 of the largest companies acting in Portugal, following an initiative by the President of Portugal.

Since September 2005 he represents the Portuguese State at Fundação de Serralves, as a non- executive member of the Board of Directors (Fundação de Serralves is a major Portuguese foundation aimed at promoting Contemporary Art).

Critical Manufacturing's management team is composed by a set of persons with extensive knowledge and experience in delivering solutions for several customers in high-tech manufacturing markets worldwide over the last years.

Jeff Peabody
VP Sales and Business Development

Jeff Peabody, a former Applied Materials sales executive, has held senior positions in marketing and sales of factory automation solutions in semiconductor manufacturing for the last 18 years. Early in his career, Mr. Peabody drove the adoption of now commonplace systems into semiconductor factories, including: Material and Equipment Control, Advanced Process Control, Dispatching and RFID. A large portion of his career has been specifically working with MES and related modules. Most recently, Jeff held a senior Sales Executive position in the Global Services Group of Applied Materials, with responsibility over key global accounts. Prior to that, he served as Director of Sales and Marketing at Itemic Corporation and as Product Sales Manager for KLA-Tencor’s Process Control Group.

Adélio Fernandes

VP Technology and co-founder

Adélio holds a Computer Science degree and has 8 years of experience in semiconductor, at Infineon and Qimonda. Has had several software development technical and leadership roles, including management of large scale manufacturing integration projects for semiconductor fabs.

Yong Wun Lau

Managing Director of Critical Manufacturing Software (SuZhou) Ltd. and co-founder

Yong Wun has a Master of Science for Controls Engineering, and 12 years of experience in semiconductor, mostly working from Asia (Singapore and China). Previous assignments range from section manager and R&D engineer, to equipment automation technical lead, to senior manager for production automation.

Tom Bednarz

Managing Director - Critical Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH

Tom Bednarz has over 15 years of experience in IT Manufacturing for advanced industries. Tom started his career at Siemens Nixdorf as a software engineer in 1991, and had several engineering positions at Siemens Components and Siemens Microelectronics Center until Infineon Technologies in 1999 as manager of Data Analysis, Factory Automation and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). In 2006, Tom was appointed Director of IT Analysis Solutions at Qimonda, until he joined Q-Cells in 2009, as Director IT Manufacturing.

João Cortez

Solutions Architect and co-founder

João holds a Computer Science degree and has 12 years of experience in semiconductor (Texas Instruments, Samsung, Infineon and Qimonda). Several senior IT architecture roles, including Manufacturing wide architect and Solution Architect for major semiconductor projects.

Teresa Carreiro

Operations Director and co-founder

Teresa holds a Bachelor degree in Informatics Engineering. She has over 15 years of experience in IT, working for different businesses, including 5 years of experience in Quality Management and Project Management for large scale developments for semiconductor at Infineon and Qimonda. Teresa holds several project management related certifications, including Scrum Master.

Augusto Vilarinho

Business Development Manager

Augusto Vilarinho has more than 14 years of experience in the High Tech Industry. His strong knowledge in Information Systems for Manufacturing is complemented with field experience in leading global IT support teams and projects. Augusto managed projects involving multidisciplinary teams from Europe, America and Asia and became Principal and Process Innovation Manager at Infineon Technologies / Qimonda AG until 2009. Augusto holds an engineer degree in Computer Science and Systems Engineering.

Carla Silva

Finance Director

Carla holds a degree in accounting and administration from Superior Institute of Accounting and Administration of Porto (ISCAP). She has over 17 years of experience in finance and accounting department, working for different businesses, including 4 years of controlling experience in development center at Infineon and Qimonda.